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Best Price for Quality Guarantee

We guarantee the best price/quality on the market. If you find a better deal for the same quality, give us the proof and we will match the price and give you an additional discount!

Bikes - prices per day

Bike1 day2+ days4+ days7+ days14+ days
City Biken/an/a16€ (120,55kn)13€ (97,95kn)10€ (75,35kn)
City E-Bike35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)27€ (203,43kn)23€ (173,29kn)20€ (150,69kn)
MTB Standard20€ (150,69kn)18€ (135,62kn)16€ (120,55kn)14€ (105,48kn)12€ (90,41kn)
MTB Advanced30€ (226,04kn)25€ (188,36kn)20€ (150,69kn)18€ (135,62kn)16€ (120,55kn)
MTB Performance HT Al40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)25€ (188,36kn)20€ (150,69kn)
MTB Performance HT Carbon45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)25€ (188,36kn)
MTB Performance Fully50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)
E-MTB Standard35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)27€ (203,43kn)23€ (173,29kn)20€ (150,69kn)
E-MTB Performance HT50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)
E-MTB Performance Fully70€ (527,41kn)60€ (452,07kn)55€ (414,40kn)50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)
Touring Bike
25€ (188,36kn)23€ (173,29kn)20€ (150,69kn)18€ (135,62kn)16€ (120,55kn)
E-Touring Bike
60€ (452,07kn)55€ (414,40kn)50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)
Carbon Road 105 rim45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)25€ (188,36kn)
Carbon Road Ultegra rim55€ (414,40kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)
Carbon Road Ultegra disc60€ (452,07kn)50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)
Carbon Road DuraAce rim65€ (489,74kn)55€ (414,40kn)50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)
Carbon Road Di2 rim65€ (489,74kn)55€ (414,40kn)50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)
Carbon E-Road disc70€ (527,41kn)60€ (452,07kn)55€ (414,40kn)50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)
Kids' bike 16"16€ (120,55kn)14€ (105,48kn)12€ (90,41kn)10€ (75,35kn)8€ (60,28kn)
Kids' bike 20"18€ (135,62kn)16€ (120,55kn)14€ (105,48kn)12€ (90,41kn)10€ (75,35kn)
Kids' bike 24"20€ (150,69kn)18€ (135,62kn)16€ (120,55kn)14€ (105,48kn)12€ (90,41kn)
E-MTB Kids 24"50€ (376,73kn)45€ (339,05kn)40€ (301,38kn)35€ (263,71kn)30€ (226,04kn)

Conversion rate 1€=7.53450kn