Kids’ Balance Bike 12″

Do you want your kid learns how to cycle? This bike is the best, modern approach to cycling for kids, they will learn to keep balance and steer very quickly in a safe and natural way. After they learn this basic skills they will be ready for a bike with pedals without the need to use training wheels at all.

  • 12″ wheels
  • On/Off road tires
  • Aluminum frame

1 day      10€  (75,35kn)
2+ days  8€/day  (60,28kn)
4+ days  6€/day  (45,21kn)
7+ days  5€/day  (37,67kn)
1 week    35€  (263,71kn)
Included: helmet


Kids’ Bike 16″

After crawling, walking and running, which is the next step in achieving speed? Cycling indeed. And nothing is more fun than it!

  • 16″ wheels
  • On/Off road tires
  • Aluminum lightweight frame
  • 1 gear
  • side stand
  • training wheels on request

1 day      14€  (105,48kn)
2+ days  12€/day  (90,41kn)
4+ days  10€/day  (75,35kn)
7+ days  8€/day  (60,28kn)
1 week    56€  (421,93kn)​
Included: helmet, lock


Kids’ Bike 20″

The bike that will make your little-big kid’s holiday unforgettable!

  • 20“ wheels
  • On/Off road tires
  • Steel frame
  • front suspension 40mm
  • 6 SHIMANO/SRAM gears
  • side stand
  • flat pedals
  • training wheels on request

1 day      16€  (120,55kn)
2+ days  14€/day  (105,48kn)
4+ days  12€/day  (90,41kn)
7+ days  10€/day  (75,35kn)
1 week    70€  (527,41kn)
Included: helmet, lock


Kids’ Bike 24″

Look at it. More than a kid’s bike, it’s a full featured real MTB. Just a bit smaller. Adults will envy you… (not just for the bike) 🙂

  • 24“ wheels
  • On/Off road tires
  • front suspension 60mm
  • aluminum alloy frame
  • 3×6 SRAM/SHIMANO gears
  • flat pedals
  • side stand

1 day      20€  (150,69kn)
2+ days  18€/day  (135,62kn)
4+ days  16€/day  (120,55kn)
7+ days  14€/day  (105,48kn)
1 week    98€  (738,38kn)
Included: lock and bike map​


E-MTB Kids’ 24″

Great E-bike for kids to keep up with the adults on E-bikes. Fully featured and great quality and comfort. Have fun kids! 🙂

  • 250W Yamaha central motor system with 400Wh battery (75-150km autonomy)
  • LCD display with bike computer and E-system functions
  • torque sensor for intuitive power delivery and bike handling
  • 24“ wheels, on/off road tires with puncture protection
  • front suspension 63mm with lockout
  • hydraulic disc brakes
  • lightweight aluminum alloy frame
  • comfortable bike geometry
  • 9 SHIMANO gears
  • flat pedals
  • side stand

1 day      50€  (376,73kn)
2+ days  45€/day  (339,05kn)
4+ days  40€/day  (301,38kn)
7+ days  35€/day  (263,71kn)
1 week    245€  (1845,95kn)

Conversion rate 1€=7.53450kn