Assistance & Support

Assistance & bike repair

In good or hard times we are your best bike friend. If you have a problem with the bike you rented from us, contact us or visit at our shop, we will fix it or give you a new one as soon as possible. In case you have a problem with your own bike, we do maintenance and all kind of bike repair in our shop, you are welcome to visit us. If you are lucky and you don’t have any problem, the better, you are welcome to visit us as well! 🙂


Tour assistance & Transfers

We do all kind of services, assistance and support for your bike tours like the famous Parenzana, bike delivery and transfers to Trieste, Venice or other destinations, tour guidance, luggage storage and luggage transfer, transfer of bikes and cyclists, route planning, accompanying support vehicle, bike check/repair/substitution and much more.

If you need a fast and cheap transfer from your accommodation or public transport terminal to our shop and back, feel free to contact us as well.