What do I need to rent a scooter?

You should meet the age and driver license requirements listed in the scooter specification, show original valid documents (passport or ID and driver license), you need to sign the rental contract and leave the requested deposit (please see the scooter specification).

What is the rental contract about?

In simple words you take full responsibility of the hired scooter and equipment and you accept to use it according to the contract terms and conditions. We would like that you treat our scooter with respect, if you abuse it you loose the cash deposit according to the contract, if you cause damages you have to pay the full amount of the damage, if not specified differently (partial Casco insurance).

What about prices and discounts?

We want you to get the best for your money at our rental. In case you find a better deal for the same kind/quality of scooters, give us the proof and we will gladly match that price and give you an additional discount.

What about the payment?

All payments are in cash in Croatian Kuna by the price list, prices in Euro are approximate, just for information.

What do I get when I rent a scooter at Rental Center?

You get a scooter in perfect working condition, registration and insurance card, a strong chain lock, helmets, top box (on 125cc and 300cc), local map, useful safety and tourist information, our phone number in case of trouble, a big smile and a great thanks!

How long may I keep the scooter?

As long as agreed by the contract. If you wish to keep it for longer you should contact us a day in advance, if possible we will allow you to keep it for longer.

How to book the scooter?

Simply check our website, choose the one you like best, make sure you have the proper driving license for it and contact us. If possible it’s better to book it in advance. We accept advanced reservations for 4+ days rent. To book for less than 4 days please contact us or visit at our shop a day in advance.

How to order a scooter delivery?

It’s simple. Check our website, choose the scooter you like best, make sure you have the license needed for driving it, check the delivery price and contact us to schedule the delivery.

Is insurance included when we rent a scooter?

Yes, you have a Basic Insurance included with every scooter rent. It includes refunds for third parties involved in a crash you caused. The damages on the scooter caused by you are on your charge. On some scooters you can upgrade the Basic Insurance with Limited Casco Insurance which covers all damages greater than the deposit amount.

What to do in case the scooter fails or a flat tire?

Contact us, we will do our best to give you a solution as soon as possible.

What in case of stolen scooter or helmets?

According to the rental contract, you have to lock the scooter and secure it with the chain lock. If you did it, return us the keys of the scooter and of the chain lock, registration and insurance card, and then it’s not your responsibility. In case of stolen helmets, you are responsible and you have to pay for a new one.

What to do in case I have a crash?

If nothing serious happened, call us, we will do our best to pull you out of trouble ASAP. In case of serious injuries or third parts involved first call the Emergency center 112, then if possible call us.