MTB & road bike pedals

Beside standard pedals we offer a variety of optional pedals as follows:
Standard pedals – free of charge when mounted on:
Flat – MTB Disc, City, Touring, Kids. E-bikes, MTB Performance, Road bikes
SPD/flat – MTB Hydra & MTB Performance
SPD/SPD – MTB Performance
SPD/SPD, SPD/flat, SPD-SL, Look, Look KEO – Road bikes

All other combinations of pedals/bikes are treated as optional and charged as follows:
1st day              50kn / 7€
additional day
10kn / 1.3€

Installation of your own pedals 50kn / 7€ is allowed only by our staff after inspection of the thread on the pedal axles.
Popular types of bicycle shoe cleats also available on request.